Two new pubs and a few updates

Two new articles came out this week.

The Ideological Dilemmas Inherent in Informal Learning Spaces: A Discourse Analysis of Preservice Teacher Talk was a collaborative study with Jessica Lester and Lisa Scherff both of whom I connected with at UTK. Lisa has since left academia to go back to teaching high school English, and Jessica is now an assistant professor at Indiana University. This was my first discourse analysis study with recordings of face to face talk as opposed to online talk.

“‘I have a love–hate relationship with ATLAS.ti’™: integrating qualitative data analysis software into a graduate research methods course with Ann Bennett shares our journey of integrating data analysis software into the graduate certificate program at UTK. Ann has just taken a new position at Kennesaw State University, the most recent Vol to migrate south to Georgia.

The Digital Tools Strand at ICQI in May was fantastic and we are working on a proposal to Qualitative Inquiry for a special issue to feature some of the best papers. While there I spoke with an editor from Routledge about a couple of new book ideas.

MOOD-Z is next month in Zurich and the preliminary program has been posted.

This week I am with the family in California for some sightseeing, a 13th birthday which happens to coincide with the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade and the ALA annual meeting. We’re hoping to see both Gloria Steinem and Nick Offerman speak on Saturday.

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