ICQI 2017, a (virtual) return to Rocky Top, and preparing for Corvallis

What a great International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry!

Jessica Lester and I had a wonderful three hours with eight participants in our pre-conference workshop on Digital Tools and are currently in contract negotiations for a second edition of our book. I had an amazing time visiting with collaborators (in person!) from far away as well as making new contacts for future work together. I am particularly excited about the possibility of working on some guidelines for reporting the use of qualitative data analysis software, and growing a network of professors who teach digital tools courses as they relate to qualitative research in order to do some writing in that area.

It was also a treat to present with my UGA colleagues and to spend more time socializing than we usually do when we are all on campus!


Kathleen deMarrais, Kathy Roulston, Jori Hall and myself presenting on teaching qualitative research online

Since returning from the conference I’ve been secluded here in Knoxville for the past couple of weeks working hard on getting several manuscripts out the door and getting ready to focus for a few weeks exclusively on our book about analyzing online talk.

I did take a short break to present on the first night of Dr. Lisa Yamagata-Lynch’s Digital Tools class at UTK – which seemed fitting given I wrote the book while on Rocky Top.

Lisas class UTK.JPG

Presenting via Zoom on the first night of Digital Tools!

I look forward to returning to visit the class in August to hear all about their summer digital tools explorations!

Finally, I succeeded in installing ATLAS.ti version 8 and am busy preparing for our Corvallis workshop. I will be demonstrating how the tool can be used across the research process – from conducting literature reviews and importing references from Mendeley or Endnote; to collecting data via an iPad, Evernote, or social media; to using it as a writing tool. A doctoral student from UGA won a travel grant to attend, so it will be nice to see a familiar face in the audience.


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