Come see us at AERA!

Dr. Jessica Lester of Indiana University and I will be teaching a one day professional development course at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting in April in Toronto. Details are below.


PDC13:             Using ATLAS.ti Windows 8 Qualitative Data Analysis Software Across the Research Process
Instructors:      Jessica Nina Lester, Indiana University; Trena M. Paulus, University of Georgia – Athens

Date:                 Thursday, April 4
Time:                 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Fee:                    $135

This course introduces how ATLAS.ti 8 qualitative data analysis software (QDAS) can be used to support the entire research process, including managing and collaborating on projects, conducting paperless literature reviews, collecting data through mobile apps and social media, synchronizing audio and video files with transcripts, analyzing text/Geo-docs/multimedia data, and visualizing and representing findings. Although most researchers understand the benefits of QDAS, fewer have thought about how such software can support every aspect of their work. Through a variety of instructional strategies including demonstrations and hands-on work with data, participants will learn how to integrate ATLAS.ti 8 into a research study. The target audience includes graduate students, methods course instructors, practitioners, and qualitative or mixed methods researchers. Participants should have a working knowledge of qualitative research and, ideally, a research study in the design phase. While no prior experience with ATLAS.ti 8 is required, those who have never used it will be asked to watch a short webinar to become familiar with the interface. Participants should bring a laptop computer with the software installed (trial versions will be made available prior to the course). While sample data will be provided, participants may bring the following in the context of their own studies: text, audio, and/or video data; PDFs of scholarly literature; an iPad with the free app installed; a Twitter and/or Evernote account; and an XML file from a citation management system.


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