Creating digital research workflows

Since the book came out, Jessica and I have been working on a few ways to expand our arguments. One is through the idea of “creating digital research workflows” as part of research methodology and reflexivity. We are currently co-editing a special issue with Qualitative Inquiry on how methods impact digital tools and spaces, and vice versa.

We recently gave our first workshop on this topic, hosted by The Qualitative Report. Forty participants signed up and we had an amazing days of conversations around the consequences of integrating digital tools and spaces into our studies. We are working on designing future workshops.

Shortly after that I visited with the Digital Scholarship & Communications and Digital Commons communities at the Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries at Vanderbilt University to share tips on choosing qualitative data analysis software and a lecture on creating digital workflows. It was amazing to be back in-person talking with colleagues about these topics.

Here’s a chance to listen to our conversation about the book with Dr. Pengfei Zhao on the New Books Network, and I will be sharing tips about choosing data analysis software later this month for the Challenges & Affordances of Qualitative Methodologies series at Adam Mickiewicz University. Join us!

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