Visiting researcher at the University of Innsbruck

I am on my way home after spending a few days in Austria as a visiting researcher in the doctoral college #OrganizingtheDigital at the University of Innsbruck.

This doctoral college, created in 2018, features faculty researchers and PhD students from the management program and other disciplines around campus. The aim of the doctoral school and its grounding in organization theory, media- and communications studies, consumer culture theory, labour market and general management theories is to bridge and transcend multiple digital phenomena in society. The emphasis on digital relations, digital publics and digital societies represents its transversal perspective on digital dynamics.

Methodologically, the doctoral college takes a multi-method and inter-disciplinary lens and advances conceptual research, experimental, qualitative, and interpretive studies, as well as related quantifications and network analyses of digital texts, visuals, and behavioural patterns of digital relations, publics, and societies.

Every winter term, the doctoral college invites researchers with particular knowledge and expertise in digital phenomena for a short methods course. This year I had the pleasure of being the featured scholar and facilitating an intensive three-day digital research methods course for a small cohort of Ph.D. students on “Analyzing Online Conversations: A Research Framework.” I also gave a public lecture on the topic, “Creating Digital Qualitative Research Workflows.”

Innsbruck was a stunning location for this experience, and I am now even more excited for my semester in Poland next year!

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