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Now available!

Looking for insight, transformation and learning in online talk is now officially available from Routledge.

We wrote the book to offer researchers a comprehensive guide for analyzing digital interactions in formal and informal online spaces. It provides a clear framework for addressing major challenges that have arisen as social exchanges, meaning-making, and knowledge-building increasingly take place through social media, discussion forums, and digital communities. We hope you and your students find it a useful tool for planning and conducting studies using online talk as a data source.

Read more about Looking for Insight, Transformation and Learning in Online Talk.

Order a copy of Looking for Insight, Transformation and Learning in Online Talk.


Jessica Lester and I had a fun time teaching a one-day professional development course on “Using ATLAS.ti Windows 8 Across the Research Process” at the American Educational Research Association meeting in Toronto last week. Even though half the class brought Macs, and we were teaching the Windows version, I think the participants learned a bit : )