It’s webinar season!

As we get closer to see our newest book published, we’ve been invited to participate in a series of webinars on the topic of doing qualitative research in a digital world and the topic of analyzing online conversations.

Jessica Lester and I were interviewed by Janet Salmons for Sage MethodSpace and had a very engaging conversation about utilizing online methods.

A few weeks later, Alyssa Wise and I were also interviews by Janet Salmons about designing research studies for the analysis of online talk.

As you can imagine, both topics are highly sought after due to so many social science researchers moving their studies online.

This week Jessica and I had the privilege of presenting the inaugural webinar for the CAQDAS methodological webinar series. It was our first public discussion of our thinking around the intersection of theory, this historical moment, technology use and methodological change.

On Friday I’ll be giving a 3 hour version of the digital tools for qualitative research workshop for participants in Penn State’s Research Methods for Applied Linguists series. Originally we were to hold these workshops on-site back in May, but alas COVID-19.

We have a few more events coming soon – so stay tuned!

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